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Cam’s dynamic music influences have given him the ability to fuse a wide range of genres including R&B and indie, alternative and psychedelic rock, into his music. Cam has spent his entire life around music, starting to write and perform as early as 8 years old. For the past 5 years he's logged countless hours in the studio writing and recording.

In July of 2018, Cam Blake released his first official project with Adagio Music/The Orchard entitled 'Abyss' including a full production music video for the single 'Meditate' (over 13K views on YouTube). In early 2019, Cam Blake released the single 'Falling'. He then released the Indie Rock EP 'Fast Love' in the summer of 2019. ‘Fast Love’ includes five new songs.

While Cam Blake has been honing his studio chops working on his and other artist projects, he has also been performing live.Cam Blake was a semi-finalist in the Elevate Music Project and Top 30 in the Best of Vancouver competition. His stagecraft and performing ability has exploded after playing numerous shows all across the lower mainland of Vancouver and the FraserValley.


Cam Blake continues to grow as a producer, musician and performer and is presently working on a full-length album scheduled for release on Adagio Music/The Orchard in the fall of 2020. The first single “Losing My Mind”(mixed by Sam Cutri Perth, Australia) was released May 15th and his follow up single 'Conversation #3' dropped on July 31st.


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Photo  by Raunie Mae

Photo By Raunie Mae


Photo By Raunie Mae

Photo By Raunie Mae

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" 'Conversation #3' has a polished and clean-cut rock sound that feels youthful and urgent, with some brisk guitar work and passionate vocals that hit all the right emotional chords".

-We All Want Someone To Shout For

-Out Loud Culture

"It’s no small feat to construct a narrative in just five songs, but Vancouver’s Cam Blake has done just that in their latest EP, Fast Love".

-Permanent Rain Press

"Cam Blake is never out of material. Residing in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada, Cam Blake’s genre bending style blends rap, rock and alternative to create a mind blowing sound".

-Buzz Music

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