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Growing up in a musically inclined family instilled a passion in Cam Blake at an early age. Having started writing music at just 8 years old in his hometown of Maple Ridge, BC. Cam has spent most of his life performing, and producing his original music. Cam takes inspiration from a wide array of genres— this allows him to blend the sounds of indie/alternative rock, electronic, industrial and hyper-pop into his own work. Cam currently lives in The Greater Vancouver Area where he spends his time writing, playing shows, recording in the studio, and mixing/producing for other artists.


Cam Blake’s debut indie rock album (co-produced by Cam Blake and Sam Cutri of Perth, Australia) “Bad Vacation” was released January 15, 2021 (Adagio Music/The Orchard). Featuring established artists such as Young Friend, Ludic (Maxton Cunningham), and Molly Annelle. The project has surpassed 150,000 streams since its initial release. The three singles from the record “Losing My Mind”, “Conversation #3” and “Self Worth” were featured on commercial radio in Canada and campus radio in the USA.


In August of 2022, Cam covered seven cities on his Western Canadian tour, during which he promoted his EP “Finding My Way Home” a project funded by Creative BC and Music BC’s Travel & Career Development Grant. This release featured the single “Home” which has garnered over 50,000 streams to date.


Cam and his band have played a number of festivals and showcases including the Barnside Harvest Festival (The Sheepdogs, 54 40, The Zolas) , Khatsahlano Street Party 2023 (Yukon Blonde and Pink Mountaintops) and Kingfisher Bluez 15th & 16th Annual Christmas Party (opening for Peach Pit & Young Friend) in front of a sold out Commodore Ballroom.


Cam Blake has most recently released sophomore album 'SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS’ on May 3rd 2024 under Adagio Music Inc. (digital) & Kingfisher Bluez (vinyl). The record was met with critical acclaim by FAME magazine & Northern Transmission and over 50,000 streams in the first month. 

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Photo By Megan Magdelna

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Photo By Joe Salmon

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